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IST Programme 
The IST Work Programme is one of the five thematic programmes under the European Commission's Fifth Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development , 1998-2002. It brings together and extends activities under the former ACTS, Esprit and Telematics Applications programmes to provide a single, integrated programme reflecting the convergence of information processing, communications and media. The Programme is divided into separate, although related, Key Actions. 
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IST...Key Action III - Multimedia content and tools 
The aim of this work is to improve the functionality, usability and acceptability of future information products and services to enable linguistic and cultural diversity and contribute to the valorisation and exploitation of Europe's cultural patrimony, to stimulate creativity and to enhance education and training systems for lifetime learning. Work will cover new models, methods, technologies and systems for creating, processing, managing, networking, accessing and exploiting digital content, including audio-visual content.Multimedia content and tools consists of twelve different Action Lines.

IST...Key Action III...Electronic Publishing
Electronic Publishing(EP) is one of the five main areas for research and technological development within Multimedia Content and Tools, and has two asssociated action lines. Focus is on facilitating content creation for a variety of new dissemination forms, including digital studio production and on enabling personalised access to multi-owner collections. 

The first IST calls for proposals , including the Electronic Publishing area, opened on the 19th March 1999, the deadline for the calls will be the 16th of June 1999. Calls are also invited for the 2 Action Lines associated with Electronic Publishing mainly: Authoring and design systems and Content management and personalisation.

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