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The Educational Multimedia Task Force was set up on the initiative of European Commissioners Edith Cresson and Martin Bangemann to study and develop educational and cultural products and services accessible via television sets, computers and networks in Europe.

New multimedia systems are increasingly being used in the home, in education and training institutions and at work. The development of high-quality products and services can offer a high level of interactivity for learners, trainees and educators.

This website is part of the I*M EUROPE service, an interactive service of DG XIII of the European Commission providing the latest EU information on the European markets for multimedia content and electronic information.

This section of the I*M EUROPE service provides information on the History and background of the Educational Multimedia Task Force, on itsProjects and their results, as well as News and Events related to the Task Force and to educational multimedia in general.

Furthermore, you will find reports, documents and forms in Tools and Resources that are especially useful for the projects involved, as well as information about how to Contact the members of Task Force.

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The Educational Multimedia Task Force is a joint initiative of the European Commission DG III, DG XII, DG XIII, DG XXII involving the following programmes:


Education & Training

Trans-European Networks



For more information about the Educational Multimedia Task Force, contact:

Education and Training Sector
Telematics Applications Programme
European Commission DG XIII C-3
Rue de la Loi 200 - BU29 06/20
B-1049 Brussels

fax: +32 2 296 2392
E-mail: telet@dg13.cec.be
TETRISS @ Ecotec Research and Consulting
Avenue de Tervueren 13b
B-1040 Brussels 

tel: +32 2 743 8920
fax: +32 2 732 7111
E-mail: tetriss@ecotec.com

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