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Frequently Asked Questions About ECHO Databases

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This FAQ aims to provide our current and potential users a set of concise answers to the questions which tend to occur frequently on the ECHO Help Desk.

How do I connect to ECHO ?

Which databases are accessible on ECHO?

How do I search in the ECHO databases ?

User Support

 Accessing databases with normal alphabetic characters (7 Data Bits)

General hardware requirements

Software and Interface

Any telecommunication software may be used for accessing the databases.

The WATCH (Windows Access To Central Host) GUI (Graphical User Interface) can be used in order to avoid working with the CCL (Common Command Language) retrieval language.

 Direct dialling using a normal telephone line

 PSD/PSS/PAD (Packet Switching Data Network (e.g.: X.25 or X. 28)

Note : NUA is the acronym for: Network User Address.
The prefix for the NUA is 0 (zero) (i.e.: 0270448112). In GB use the NUA prefix A9 (i.e.: A9270448112).


The telnet command is echo.lu

 As a Macintosh user, how can I connect ?

Macintosh Telnet: 
It would appear that there is a problem connecting to ECHO using NCSA Telnet 2.6 . Version 2.7 fixes this, so click to download the680x0 version or the PowerPC version. Note that these files are stuffed and binhexed, so if you don't have software that can handle those file formats, you should download StuffIt Expander first.

 Accessing databases with accented Latin and Greek alphabetic characters (8 Data Bits)

Note : A special communication program is needed for Greek characaters. 
NUA is the acronym for: Network User Address. The prefix for the NUA is 0 (zero) (i.e.: 0270448112). In GB use the NUA prefix A9 (i.e.: A9270448112).

 Do I need a password for accessing all databases?

 How do I become an ECHO user?

Two solutions are offered :