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ECHO offers access to over  10 databases free of charge. You can telnet to the host to search the databases. To access some of the databases you need to be a registered user. To register just log in to ECHO with the public password ECHO, and select option 9 (online registration) from the main menu.

You may search some of the ECHO databases via user-friendly multilingual menus, or you can use the CCL (Common Command Language) for a more powerful and flexible information retrieval.

Every database is described in the following pages. For each database the description includes details of its contents, the entire field structure, examples of searches as well as the address of the producer and the language(s) the database is available in. To view the description of a database just click on its name on the list shown below.

User Support Database

 CCL Train 
 News Online 
 I&T Magazine

Language Industry Databases


Industry and Economy Databases

 Tenders Electronic Daily (TED)

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