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Ten follow-up points on the DLM-Forum

  1. The Commission is asked to publish and distribute the proceedings of the DLM-Forum (in the working languages of the Forum: DE, EN, FR) to the participants and to the interested public to be informed about the outcome and follow up of the DLM-Forum. This publication has to be edited within a reasonable short delay in order to keep the 'momentum' of the Forum, to advance greater awareness of requirements for electronic documents and records management in public administration, archival services, industry and research, and to encourage greater co-operation in this area within the Member States and at Community level.
  2. On the basis of the reports produced by national experts of the Member States and presented at the DLM-Forum, the Commission should take the initiative to make a comprehensive study on the relationship between public administration and archives services concerning electronic documents and records management, including further examination on national/regional and international level : both transborder information flow as well as institutions of the European Union. The results of this study have to be addressed to administrative and political decisionmakers for consideration, funding and follow-up activities.
  3. Give priority to the promotion of best practices of electronic documents by updating and publishingGuidelines: for this purpose take into account all presentations and comments issued at the Forum, including the multidisciplinary guidelines 'Best practices for using Machine Readable Data' (drafted at the initiative of the European Commission as a follow up of the conclusions of the European Council of 17 June 1994 in conjunction with national experts from Member States), as well as other relevant guidelines concerning a single discipline (in particular : Guidelines of the International Council on Archives or the General Records Schedule for Electronic Records) of the National Archives and Records Administration of the USA or of a Member State or a region.
  4. In order to combine the efforts and the follow up activities of the DLM-Forum in the Member States and at Community level, the Commission and the Member States must jointly arrange for an appropriate facility forcollection and distribution of information on ongoing projects and other relevant activities.
  5. The Member States, together with the European Commission, indicate national focal points (DLM-correspondents) either existing or new ones, to foster within the framework of the Information Society:
    • Information exchange
    • The establishment of functional requirements (see also the results of the Pittsburgh Project on electronic records) for electronic documents and records management in public administration and in the private sector.
    • To improve co-operation and networking between the different disciplines (administration, archives, private sector, research and other disciplines) in order to gain full benefit concerning common issues such as standardisation in creation, transmission, migration of and access to electronic records.
  6. The Member States and the European Commission are urged to increase their involvement in national and international standard bodies (ISO, CENELEC, CEN). The multidisciplinary approach (public administration, archives services, industry and research) should be emphasised in particular.
  7. On the basis of the experiences of different Member States, a programme for training of administrators and archivists should be established. This training programme should address technical matters related to the handling of electronic records in order to learn necessary skills from IT disciplines. In this context, the European Commission is asked to facilitate the use of relevant European action programmes for vocational training (Leonardo, Socrates...). A progress report on this subject has to be presented to all interested parties in the second semester of 1997.
  8. The European Commission is asked in co-operation with Member States to create a working party for the investigation of legal implications in the field of electronic documents and records management. A report or expert study has to be presented to the Member States. This issue may be accomplished jointly with existing bodies such as the Legal Advisory Board (LAB) of the European Commission (for the Information Market) and other task forces coping already with these matters from different angles.
  9. The Member States together with the European Commission should encourage direct access to information for the citizen by new technologies through archives services and other informational bodies.
  10. In order to monitor the follow-up of the DLM-Forum on electronic records, the Member States and the European Commission should establish a multidisciplinary working group who will publish a report in the first semester of 1998.

    The work of this multidisciplinary working group will benefit from other teams of specialists focusing on relevant national and international activities such as the Berlin/Bonn information network.

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