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Several people were involved in preparing the forum and are still involved in the follow-up activities. Two Committees were preparing the forum of 18 to 20 December 1996:


The DLM-Programme Committee consisted essentially of representatives of the European Union Member States and the European Institutions. The DLM-Programme Committee gave advice on the replies to the Call for Papers, the selection of speakers and the structure /contents of the programme.

European Commission: Hans HOFMANN, Christina BECKERS, Klaus SCHMIDT (Secretariat- General),
Evangelos VARDAKAS (Directorate-General III Industry),
Alain HOCCART, Anne-Marie LITS (Directorate-General X Information, Communication, Culture, Audiovisual)
Roberto ROTTER (Directorate-General XII Science, Research and Development),
Richard DELMAS (Directorate-General XIII Telecommunications, Information market and Exploitation of Research),
Frédéric TONHOFER (Office for Official Publications of the European Communities),
Jean-Michel CORNU (European Commission expert).
European Parliament : Jacques RAYBAUT (Secretariat and Directorate-General 7).
Member States : Herman COPPENS (National Archives, Belgium),
Dan TØRNING (National Archives, Denmark),
Michael WETTENGEL (Bundesarchiv, Germany),
Luisa CONDE VILLAVERDE (National Archives, Spain),
Michèle CONCHON (National Archives, France),
Ken HANNIGAN (National Archives, Ireland),
Maria Pia RINALDI MARIANI (Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Italy),
Maria GUERCIO (Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Italy),
Erik KETELAAR (National Archives, The Netherlands),
Johan HOFMAN (National Archives, The Netherlands),
Ellen KÜLLER-MULDER (Ministry de l'Intérieur, The Netherlands),
Rudolf NOVAK (Permanent Representation, Austria),
Lorenz MIKOLETZKY (Österreichisches Staatsarchiv, Austria)
Jorma KUOPUS (Office of the Data Protection "Ombudsman", Finland),
Erik GÖRANSSON (Permanent Representation, Sweden),
Claes GRÄNSTRÖM (National Archives, Sweden),
Håkan FÄRM (Agency for Administrative Development, Sweden),
Sarah TYACKE (Public Record Office, United Kingdom),
Ian MACFARLANE (Public Record Office, United Kingdom),
Ian SOUTAR (Foreign and Commonwealth Office, United Kingdom).


European Commission : David LIPMAN, Hans HOFMANN, Christina BECKERS, Klaus SCHMIDT (Secretariat-general)
Raffaele LIBERALI, Arnold DE BACKER, Roberto ROTTER (Directorate-General XII Science, Research and Development),
Jean-Michel CORNU (European Commission expert).
Albertine PEUTZ, Marianne RYGAERTS (DownTown Europe scrl, Brussels)
Irish Presidency of the Council Gary ANSBRO (Department of Foreign Affairs, Ireland),
of the European Union: Ken HANNIGAN (National Archives, Ireland).

The 22nd April 1997 a committe to monitor all the follow-up measures described in the "10 Points" was established, the so-called DLM-Monitoring Committee.

The DLM Monitoring Committee

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