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Contacting the DLM-Forum

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There are several ways to get in contact with the DLM-Forum:
 Surface Mail
c/o Historical Archives of the European Commission
Office: SDME 5/64 - Rue de la Loi 200
 Phone and FAX
+32 2 295 05 57
+32 2 295 10 95
 E-Mail Addresses
oCentral Address: dlm-forum@sg.cec.be
oChristina Beckers: christina.beckers@sg.cec.be
oPeter Berninger: peter.berninger@sg.cec.be

In fulfillment of point 5 of the "Ten Points" national focal points will be installed as soon as possible in order to collect and distribute information about projects, applications and any kind of material relating to the management, storage, conservation and retrieval of DLM.

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