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Updated: 19 APR 99 

What's New

Our News page , updated every day, presents items of interest in connection with Digital heritage and cultural content 
Our Events page , also frequently updated, provides details of pertinent conferences and meetings

The following documents have recently been added to the DigiCult web site:

  • The IST Call for Proposals - March 1999 has been updated by providing information on the IST Support Measures , the IST - Evaluation criteria used for evaluation of proposals and the main milestones of the selection process which will help proposers to find out when the negotiation of selected proposals and the preparation of the project contracts will take place. (13.04.99)
  • The Third Metadata Workshop, organised under the auspices of the European Commission DGXIII/E2, will be held in Luxembourg on 12 April 1999. The announcement and programme of this workshop are available from: . (01.04.99)
  • In connection with the Annual AIB Conference which this year will be held in Rome on 16-19 May, it has been decided to present the results of the Exploit and PubliCA concerted actions during a one-day workshop scheduled for 17 May 1999. The draft agenda of this workshop is available from our pages.(31.03.99)
  • Digital Heritage and Cultural Content Ideas Forum - In order to stimulate ideas and discussions among potential responders to the Call for Proposals under the IST Programme, launched on 19 March, an Ideas Forum has been set up containing ideas and interests related to the action lines for Digital Heritage and Cultural Content within Key Action III (Multimedia Content and Tools) in the IST Programme. (19.03.99)
  • Something for everyone: Public Libraries and the Information Society . First Pan-European Conference on Public Libraries in the Information Age 14-15 October 1999, Copenhagen. Organised by PubliCA, the European Commission's Concerted Action for Public Libraries. (15.03.99)
  • Concertation Meeting on Public Libraries : held in Luxembourg, 8 March 1999. The agenda and a report of this meeting are available from our site (15.03.99).
  • Digital Preservation Guidelines - The state of the art in libraries, museums and archives. By Marc Fresko and Kenneth Tombs. These guidelines are available for downloading in PDF and Word format from . (12.03.99)
  • Projects - This page provides background information on existing projects relating to the Cultural Heritage domain and will be providing links to EU DigiCult Sector projects as soon as these are developed. (Updated: 22.02.99)
  • Introductory pages in French (22.02.99), Italian (Updated: 03.03.99) and German (22.02.99) to the Digital Heritage and Cultural Content area are now available from our DigiCult web site . These pages will be expanded in the next months by providing links to documentation and information in the three different languages on the activities that the DG XIII-E2 will be undertaking in the future. A Spanish section will also be developed soon.
  • Background and discussion documents for archives, libraries and museums - reports based on a series of brainstorming meetings held by the Libraries Unit to discuss potential for future collaboration between libraries, museums and archives in IT-related research under the Fifth Framework Programme. (09.02.99)
  • Newspage - The news page will from now on be supported under the DigiCult site. (04.02.99)

And these have been updated:

European Commission
DG XIII/E-2 Cultural Heritage Applications
Contact person: C. Fernandez de la Puente

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