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Updated: 04 OCT 99 

IST Call for Proposals
October Call

The IST Programme brings together and extends the ACTS, Esprit and Telematics Applications programmes to provide a single and integrated programme that reflects the convergence of information processing, communications and media technologies.

The second Call from Proposals under the IST programme opened on 1 October 1999 and will close on 17 January 2000. With regard to the Digital Heritage area, the call will address Action Line III.2.4: Digital preservation of cultural heritage of the 1999 workprogramme . This fixed deadline call is intented for RTD projects. A continous submission scheme intended mainly for support measures also exists.

Organisations and individuals interested in presenting proposals for the IST programme are strongly advised to read the Guide to Proposersand to follow its instructions carefully. The Commission has also made available some tools to provide assistance in partner finding and related activities. The IDEALIST service promotes partner search and brokerage. At the same time, CORDIS has launched a Expressions of interest for calls published in 1999. We suggest you should make use of both these tools, ensuring that you enter specific ideas for proposals under III.2.4 on the partner search page at:

Another important document which proposers are encouraged to read is the FP5 Manual of proposal evaluation procedures . This gives information on how the evaluation process works and lists the criteria to be used in evaluating the proposals.

In addition, in order to stimulate ideas and discussion among potential responders to the Call, an Ideas Forum has been set up specifically for the action lines in Digital Heritage and Cultural Content within Key Action III. The Forum contains a list of ideas and interests already received by us.

Proposers are also advised to look carefully at the main milestones of the selection process to find out when the negotiation of selected proposals and the preparation of the project contracts will take place. If your proposal is selected, you will need to plan your availability to meet these deadlines.

European Commission
DG XIII-E2 Cultural Heritage Applications
Contact person: C. Fernandez de la Puente

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