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About this Site - First time visitors

Digital heritage and cultural content is one of the five main areas for research and technological development under Multimedia Content and Tools - Key Action 3 of the Information Society Technologies (IST) programme. Work is aimed at expanding the contribution of libraries, museums and archives to the emerging culture economy, including economic, scientific and technological development.

The digicult site has a dual purpose:

  • To provide information about the Digital Heritage and Cultural Content area (workprogramme, calls, activities, documents, projects, etc.) and its context in the Fifth Framework Programme and IST Programme.
  • To provide information about other EC activities previously carried out or on-going in the digital heritage area.

Our pages are structured into 4 main areas:

In order to facilitate the exchange of ideas and comments, contact with the Commission, a Feedback option and a Keep me Informed facility are also included.

Last but not least, our English-language section is supplemented by resource pages in FrenchGermanItalian and Spanish. These pages contain only a part of the information contained in the English section.

While we are already defining priorities and carrying out activities under the current Fifth Framework Programme, we are still monitoring on-going projects and activities under the former Fourth Framework Programme in which libraries, museums and archives were also participating. The Telematics for Libraries site provides information on all the activities carried out by the Sector under FP3 and FP4. Information on other programmes and sectors can be found on our Related EC activities section.

The work under the Digital Heritage and Cultural Content area of IST is co-ordinated by the European Commission Cultural Heritage Applications unit , DG XIII-E2. The team is based in Luxembourg and our offices are in the Euroforum building on the southern outskirts of the city.

European Commission
DG XIII-E2 Cultural Heritage Applications
Contact person: C. Fernandez de la Puente

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