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Updated: 04 OCT 99 

Relevant Calls

Latest news on calls under the Fifth Framework Programme can be found on the 
CORDIS Fifth Framework Programme web service

  • The second call for proposals for indirect RTD actions under the Digital Heritage and Cultural Content area of the IST programmewas launched on 1 October 1999.With regard to the Digital Heritage area, this call addresses Action Line III.2.4: Digital preservation of cultural heritage of the 1999 workprogramme. Deadline for submission of proposals under this section is 17 January 2000. Full documentation on the call is available from the Cordis Web site (01.10.99)
  • INCO A5 - emerging economy and industrialised countries (Accompanying Measures) [Call identifier: ICFP599A5AM01]. 
    The European Commission has published a Call for Proposals for indirect RTD actions under the specific programme for research, technological development and demonstration on "Confirming the international role of Community research" (1999-2002). The call opened on 6 August 1999. Information can be found on the Cordis Web site . (13.08.99)
  • The EC's Directorate General X has published two calls:
  • The EC has published a Call for Applications for experts to monitor the Fifth Framework Programme . Closing dates: 15/09/1999 - 15/09/2000 - 15/09/2001 - 15/09/2002
  • On 27 March 1999 the horizontal programme "Confirming the International Role of European Research" (INCO-II ) has published some calls for the participation of non-EU countries in European research.
  • The first call for proposals under the Digital Heritage and Cultural Content area of the new IST programme was launched on 19 March 1999. It addresses "access to scientific and cultural heritage" - the first of the two action lines for the sector. The final version of the Work Programme�as well as details on the call are available from the Cordis web site. In order to stimulate ideas and discussions among potential responders to the Call, an Ideas Forum has been set up containing ideas and interests in our area. (19.03.99)
  • Call for applications "Candidates for temporary research posts" 
    The Directorates-General responsible for implementing the Research and Technological Development (RTD) Policy of the Commission of the European Communities are inviting tenders for contracts not exceeding a total of three years for the management of projects and contracts under the Fifth RTD Framework Programme. Successful applicants will be entered in a data base and may be used to fill any highly specialised vacancies which arise in these Directorates-General between 1999 and 2002. (22.01.99).
  • Call for expression of interest in a programme of research, technological development and demonstration of Information Society Technologies (IST ) 1998-2002. The European Commission is intending to launch a series of calls for proposals for research in IST, one of the themes of the Fifth Framework Programme of European research. Organisations or individuals seeking further information on these opportunities are invited to register their name and address, and to provide introductory details about themselves and their research interests, by completing the form available from:�(16.01.99).
  • Call for applications for inclusion on lists of experts for the evaluation of FP5 proposals received in connection with the specific research programmes. The European Commission is inviting applications with a view to drawing up lists of experts to evaluate proposals received in response to calls made under the specific programmes that will be implemented under the forthcoming Fifth Framework Programme. We would particularly like to encourage participation by experts able to evaluate proposals received under the IST programme's Key Action 3, Multimedia Content and Tools , which will include R&D in the area of libraries, museums and archives and will thus continue the work of the Telematics for Libraries sector. (11.12.98)

European Commission
DG XIII-E2 Cultural Heritage Applications
Contact person: C. Fernandez de la Puente

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