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Updated: 31 MAY 99 

Related EC activities

In order to provide context and background to the work that DGXIII-E2 is carrying out, this section presents links to other EC programmes and funded actions which have been concerned with or are currently working in the area of digital heritage and cultural content.

A list of EC funded projects is also provided. 


Telematics Applications Programme
Libraries Sector
Information Engineering Sector
Administration Sector
Framework: EVA-CLUSTER
Framework: MEDICI
Other Commission's services 
DLM Forum
DGX programmes
Historical Archives of the EC


Projects under Telematics for Administrations

MAGNETS : Museums & Galleries New Technology Study (IT) 
Objectives: To provide an in-depth study of user requirements based on an international survey of the needs and experiences of museums. 
Duration: 13 months (from 1/1/96 to 31/1/97)

HyperMuseum : The European Cultural Network (IT) 
Objectives: The project help public authorities provide citizens with wider access to local, regional and national heritage through the application of telematic services. The project will build demonstrators in five countries. 
Duration: 24 months

HEREIN : Heritage Information Network (FR) 
Objectives: To remedy the current lack of transnational information instrument for use by professionals in architectural conservation strategies integrated to regional planning development and to transform an existing paper databank on the comparative heritage policies in a series of European countries into a permanent information system concerning all the countries of the European Cultural Convention that can be up-dated and accessed via Internet. 
Duration: 24 months 

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Projects under Telematics for Libraries

ELISE I & II : Electronic Library Image Service for Europe (UK) 
Objectives: The project modelled a system which provides access to full colour image information banks. 
Duration: 36 months (until end 1999)

VAN EYCK I & II : Visual Arts Network for the Exchange of Cultural Knowledgwe (UK) 
Objectives: The project has developed the technical means for storing, selecting quality images in digital form held in the collections of three art libraries. 
Duration: Competed 1997

ONE II & I : OPAC Network in Europe (NO) 
Objectives: The project made a service infrastructure for OPAC searching in Europe which has been extended to include other world-wide resources. Through the ONE-2 project which will be launched in 99, the demonstrators will include implementations in museums. Users will be professional cataloguers, researchers and library patrons. 
Duration: To be completed summer 2000

MALVINE : Manuscripts and Letters via Integrated Networks in Europe (DE) 
Objectives: MALVINE opens new and enhanced access to disparate modern manuscript holdings, kept and catalogued in European libraries, archives, documentation centres and museums. 
Duration: 30 months (to January 2001) 

Projects under TAP Information Engineering (1994-1998)

AQUARELLE : Sharing Cultural Heritage through Multimedia Telematics (FR) 
Objectives: Allows users to search a variety of cultural heritage databases on its international network via their own computers. Strives to preserve the look and feel of the World Wide Web within a more focused closed network designed exclusively for professional and academic users 
Duration: project competed

MADMUD : Digital Museum's Administration and Education (AT) 
Objectives: Now museums are facing the challenges of the modern museum visitor's expectations and requirements, by exploring new ways of curatorship as well as the presentation of their collections. They have seen themselves increasingly under pressure to operate like business enterprises and to locate new sources of income. 
Duration: 12 months (to be completed spring 1999) 

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Projects under ESPRIT 3 (1990-1994)

MUSA : Use of Multimedia for protecting Europe's Cultural Heritage (IT) 
Objectives: This project has 2 aims: 
To provide the multimedia publishing industry with direct access to high-quality images and data about visual arts from museums, including the visualisation of 3-D models of reconstructed objects. 
Give museums new means (including new sources of revenue) for the conservation and dissemination of works of art. 
Duration: Project completed

ARCHATOUR: Multimedia Development in Archaeology and Tourism (GR) 
Objectives: Development of pre-recorded three-dimensional synthetic computer landscapes for use in the area of archaeological research, one key area of the European cultural market. Development of a generic multimedia system based on CD-I in order to incorporate the pre-recorded landscapes and deliver them to the consumer market. 
Duration: Project completed 

Projects under ESPRIT 4 (1994-1998)

EVA-CLUSTER : The EVA-CLUSTER of Cultural Systems Projects 
(EVA= Electronic and the Visual Arts) (UK) 
Objectives: It is an Accompanying Measure. To Create a "Special Interest Community", giving assistance to IT projects in the field of cultural systems, helping them to collaborate more effectively. 
Key aspect: to support exploitation of EC Cultural Systems projects internationally. To build a groundwork in many previous and current cultural systems projects and also taking advantage of the existence of communities of interest in key areas such as libraries, museums and academia. 
Duration: 15 months

LIME : Living Memory (NL) 
Objective : To provide members of a community who live and work in a particular locality with a means to capture, share and explore their collective memory with the aim to preserve and interpret the richness and complexity of local culture. The project will therefore address the mechanisms needed for people or groups to create and 'update' their collective memory so as to make it a living, present-day phenomenon within the community. Key aspects: 
To identify the needs of the local community in relation to preservation and communication of local history, local news, private and shared memories 
To design interfaces supporting local content creation, communication and preservation 
To develop tools for intelligent memory management 
To demonstrate the relevance of a mediated living memory 
To demonstrate a new approach to research, development and design. 
Duration : 36 months (until 14 July 2000)

TISSUS : A Market Place for Textile Images and Patterns (FR) 
Objectives: To set up an image bank to enterprises in the textile industry and help the enterprises in that field to address their markets. 
Museums (like schools, associations& hellip;) are here the providers of collections of tissues. The project ensures a wider audience and some financial return (royalties) whenever the information is commercialised. 
Duration: 27 months

M.CUBE : Mediterranean Multimedia-Multimedia Support Centre for Culture Arts (I) 
Objectives: To create a multimedia support network, based on four Mediterranean regions, in order to foster the development of European multimedia applications in the fields of culture and arts. 
Museums, galleries, collections, public administrations, etc. will be pilot users and clients of advanced technological solutions, based on the application of multimedia to culture and arts. 
Duration: 30 months

MENHIR : Multimedia European Network of High Quality Image Registration (FR) 
Objectives: Museum On Line intends to become a leading company in the licensing business of high quality electronic images. It is developing with MENHIR. 
To increase the number of valuable high quality image archives (digitisation, indexing, etc.), and to set up business partnerships for efficient marketing of these archives through diversified products in different sectors. Publishing sector is the main target. 
Key players: Education sector, a "TeleEducation service" 
Cultural sector, a "TeleResearch service" 
Consumer market sector, a "TeleMuseum service" and a "Teleshopping service" 
Duration: 18 months

GUIDE : Galleries Universal Information, Dissemination and Editing System (GER) 
Objectives: To establish Europe as the world leader in the use of Portable Digital Assistants for museum visitors to not only enrich the visit experience but also to enable them to take away a Personal Catalogue in attractive paper form (or an electronic version) containing only the information they require on objects or themes of particular interest to them, with an emphasis on the use of narratives to stimulate and educate and entertain them as well as encouraging repeat visits 
Duration: 24 months 

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Projects under RACE

European Museums Network (GER) 
Objectives: Application pilot in which the objectives are to develop and demonstrate an advanced application of telecommunications in the cultural field. General theme: Discovery and Traces of Europe's Cultural Integration. 
Key issues: Identification of user requirements/ Design of multimedia applications and systems according to specifications and requirements worked out in collaboration with the museums/ Man-machine interface for lay users/ Full digital media integration. 
Duration: Project completed

RAMA: Remote Access to Museums Archives (FR) 
Objectives: It enables European museums to organise their archives electronically, to offer new multimedia presentation facilities for exhibits, and to make this information available remotely. 
To set up the International Museum Information Network Organisation and to develop a TelePublishing service able to produce Internet publications, CD-ROM, or paper publications. 
Remarks: Specific to Museums Archives. To introduce/adapt museums to new technologies. Aimed public: Specific= researchers, publishers, schools, scientists. 
Interesting Contractors: Museon (DEU), University of Oxford (Ashmolean Museum) (UK), Pergamon Museum (GER), Musee d'Orsay (FR), Museum Archeologico National (ES), Museo Nacional Del Prado (ES) 
Duration: Project completed 

Projects under ACTS (1994-1998)

SICMA : Scaleable Interactive Continuous Media Server, Design and Application (GER) 
Objectives: Digital library will be made available to Western Europe connecting the server to the available RAMA network of museums. To give Western European museums access to a large amount of digitised pictures available in Russia. 
Remarks: Not specific to museums. It uses the museums as a means to test new technologies. It is a really technical based programme. Aimed public: professionals. 
Duration: 42 months

VISEUM : Virtual Museum International (GER) 
Objectives: To link museum sites in Europe to similar sites in Canada via trans-Atlantic fibre optic cable using ATM technology, and to make use of this linkage to share image archives among participating institutions and to facilitate collaboration among the participants in research and development. The cross-cultural exchange of heritage image data will be explored. The high speed infrastructure will provide almost instantaneous access to formerly mutually inaccessible heritage resources. The generation and deployment of content: pieces of art in the museums are being digitised, indexed and stored in a database with an attached CD-ROM jukebox. This project will use high-speed network links to combine image archives in museums in Europe and Canada into a single virtual museum. As a result of previous projects, the museums have large banks of high-quality digital images. 
Duration: 18 months 

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Projects under TEN-ISDN (1996)

MOSAIC : Museums Over States And virtual Culture (IT) 
See also 
Objectives: The project create cultural services centres capable of facilitating the interconnection of agents (museums, libraries...) and users (specialists, researchers, tourist operators...) and to provide them with an added value service. The cultural service centres know the semantic rules of the primary users (multilinguism and interoperability) and satisfy his inquiries inside the cultural dimension parameters with a multimedia response. The cultural service centres works as an information centre through the internet document alllowing the dissemination of all the cultural information related to a theme. It has access to the primary information sites (museums, galleries, ...) through the Meta-database. The communication needs are achieved through wide-band networks (Euro-ISDN, ATM). 
Duration: Project completed 

Projects under INFO2000

CDNET : Updating CDs over a Network (IT) 
Objectives: CD-NET is a museum and cultural heritage project which aims to enhance the static nature of CD-ROM technology and resources with dynamic updating of materials via communications network.

Objectives: The objective of the Art Web project is to provide a single point of access over the Internet to a unique database of art images for multimedia developers and technologies and image databases developed through the Image-In project (DGXIII IMPACT). The individual museums that contribute to the central database will be entitled to the service of public access web site design with links to the central site of the picture libraries and its copyright database.

Objectives: The objective of CHAMP is to catalyse Highquality European Multimedia Content in the field of Cultural Heritage. CHAMP will link for the first time video, 'virtual' computer reconstructions and archaeological data in an integrated database that will enhance 
(a) scientific understanding of archaeological sites and 
(b) presentation of cultural heritage sites to a wider audience and 
(c) the development of new forms of long-term documentation in the context of new media and the 'virtual museum'. 

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European Commission
DG XIII-E2 Cultural Heritage Applications
Contact person: C. Fernandez de la Puente

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