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Attendance List of the User Meeting


Name First Name Organisation
Balarev Christu Ministry of Education and Science (Bulgaria)
Boogerd Johanna MEP
Carrelli Claudio IS-Forum (Telecom Italia )- Chair of User Session
Fayl Ulric European Commission (ISAC)
Florin-Gheorghe Filip Research Institute for Informatics (Romania)
Gray John IS-Forum
Hustinx Peter Registratiekamer/Data Protection Authority (Netherlands)
Kakas Antonios University of Cyprus
Kerr David Internet Watch Foundation
Kilpiö Eila National Consumer Research Center (Finland)
Kotschy Waltraut Austrian Data Protection Commission
Lennard Linda IS-Forum
Liska William Ministry of Communication (Romania)
Miari Fulcis Michele Pirelli SpA
Patricio Teresa Ministry of Science & Technology (Portugal)
Pieper Antje K. ARD/WDR
Rademacher Franz Josef FAW, ULM
Rogers Sir Frank EPC
Schizas Christos University of Cyprus
Sepp Sirje Estonian Mission to the EU (Brussels)
Siil Imre Estonian Informatics Center
Simitis Spiros IS-Forum (Frankfurt University)
Soubies Michel European Commission (DG XXIII)
Thorgrimsson Sveinn Ministry of Industry and Trade (Iceland)
Van Haaren Kurt German Postal and Telecom Union (DPG)
Vandermeer André Telicities (European Digital Cities Partnership)
Williams Nigel Childnet International
Zdziech Lech Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications



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