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Speeches delivered at the Bonn Conference

Monday, 7 July 1997

Official Opening

  • Günter Rexrodt, German Minister of Economics  (ENDE)
  • Martin Bangemann, Member of the European Commission (ENDE)
  • Mady Delvaux-Stehres, Minister of Communications, Luxembourg (FR)

FirstPlenary Session “Building Confidence”

  • Chair: John Battle, Minister for Science, Energy & Industry, United Kingdom (EN)
  • Annemarie Jorritsma-Lebbink, Minister of Transport, Public Works and Water Management, Netherlands : EU Achievements in Telecommunications (EN)
  • Roberto Rovera, Executive Vice-President, STET, Italy : The Role of  Telecommunication Operators (EN)
  • George Vradenburg III, Sr. VP, America Online (AOL), USA : Critical Factors to Establish Confidence in Global Information Networks (EN)
  • Klaus Mangold, President, Debis, Germany : Providing the Platform for Reliable Commerce (EN)
  • Wolfgang Bötsch, Minister for Post & Telecommunications Germany : Achievements in Liberalisation, Globally and in Germany (ENDE)
  • Franz Blankart State Secretary for Foreign Economic Affairs Switzerland : Enabling Participation By All (ENDE)
  • John Manley, Minister for Industry Canada : Building Confidence as a Pre-Condition for Electronic Commerce (ENFR)

Announced Contributors to the Discussion:

  • Rik Kaspersen, Chairman, Working Party on Crime in Cyberspace,  Council of Europe
  • Risaburo Nezu, Director, Science, Technology & Industry, OECD “Legal & Regulatory Framework / Consumer Protection Issues”

Second Plenary Session “Empowering the User ”

  • Chair: Christian Pierret, Secretary of State for Industry, France (DEFR)
  • David Kerr, Internet Watch Foundation UK : Filtering and Rating of Content (EN)
  • Linda Lennard, National Consumer Council UK : Consumer Protection (EN)
  • Andrea Camanzi, Vice-President, Corporate, Public and Regulatory Affairs Olivetti, Italy : The Users' Information Society (EN)
  • Jytte Hilden, Minister of Research and Information Technology Denmark : The Internet as a Vehicle for Human Rights (EN)
  • Jürgen Rüttgers, Minister of Education, Science, Research and Technology Germany : Legal Framework for Information & Communication Services; Education (DE)
  • Andrzej Zielinski, Minister for Post & Telecommunications Poland : Electronic Literacy (EN)
  • Hisao Horinouchi, Minister of Posts & Telecommunications Japan : Government Roles Towards the Development of the Cyber Society- Three Core Principles for Building theCyber Society (EN)

Announced Contributors to the Discussion:

  • Erika Mann, Member of the European Parliament
  • Meriel Bradford, Vice-President, Teleglobe Inc., Canada
  • Peter Harter, Global Public Policy Counsel, Netscape : "Data Protection"
  • Wim Van Velzen, Member of the European Parliament

Third Plenary Session “Making the Most of Content Resources”

  • Chair: Antonio Maccanico, Minister of Post and Telecommunications, Italy : The European Cultural Heritage in a Global Information Society (EN)
  • Thomas Middelhoff, Chairman of Executive Board Bertelsmann AG Germany : Developing Content and Commerce (EN)
  • Joël Poix, Infograme Entertainment France : Multimedia : Myth and Reality
  • Romain Bausch, Director General Société Européenne de Satellites SA Luxembourg : Broadcasting Issues
  • Caspar Einem, Minister for Science and Transport Austria : Public Sector Information (DE)
  • Edzard Schmidt-Jortzig, Minister for Justice Germany : Intellectual Property Rights (EN)
  • Charalampos Kastanidis, Minister for Transport and Communications Greece : Cultural and Linguistic Diversity

Announced Contributors to the Discussion:

  • Bendik Rugaas, Minister for Planning & Coordination, Norway : Cultural Networks (EN)
  • Stefano Rodotà, Italy

Tuesday, 8 July 1997

Fourth Plenary Session “Creating a Favourable Environment for Electronic Commerce”

  • Chair: Hans Wijers, Minister of Economic Affairs,Netherlands
  • William Daley, Secretary of Commerce United States : The Framework for Fostering Global Electronic Commerce (ENDE)
  • Mario Monti, EU Commissioner Internal Market : Electronic Commerce in Europe (EN)
  • Kohsei Ueno, State Secretary Ministry of International Trade and Industry Japan : Principles for Realising the “Digital Economy” (EN)
  • Ron Sommer, CEO, Deutsche Telekom Germany : Government Regulation versus Industry Self-Regulation (DE)
  • Bernard Vergnes, President Microsoft Europe : What Government can do to Promote Electronic Commerce (EN)
  • Claude Menesguen, GIE Carte Bancaire France : In Electronic Commerce, We Trust (EN)
  • Volker Jung, Vice President, Siemens AG Germany : The Evolution Towards the Global Information Network Infrastructure (DE)
  • Hans-Ulrich Maerki,General Manager, IBM Global Services IBM Europe, Middle East & Africa : Developing Trust in Electronic Commerce (EN)
  • Josep Pique i Camps, Minister for Industry & Energy Spain : Electronic Commerce and SME's. (DE)
  • Pier Luigi Bersani, Minister for Industry, Commerce & TourismItaly : Creating the Marketplace

Announced Contributors to the Discussion:

  • Michiro Naruto, Executive Vice-President Fujitsu, Japan
  • Elly Plooij-van Gorsel, Member of the European Parliament (EN)
  • Joanna Shelton, Deputy Secretary General, OECD : Overall Framework for Policy with respect to Global Electronic Commerce
  • Gérard Moine, Chairman of the Board France Télécom


  • Günter Rexrodt, German Minister of Economics (DE)



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