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Bonn Conference Press Coverage

The GIN, Conference at Bonn received extensive press coverage both in traditional print media and on-line newspapers. Those on-line newspapers or information services are in some cases dynamic and the information concerning Bonn is no longer accessible. Where the information may be access on-line we carry a link to these pages. In addition to reflecting media and industry viewpoints on the Bonn Conference, the on-line articles link to diverse and pertinent web sites.

CNet News Com EU gives 2 cents on e-commerce 
An article from Reuters, on emerging or apparent differences between the EU & US on the Internet as a free trade zone. This article signals that a group of core countries can take advantage of a trade free zone, and links to the home page of the World Trade Organization.

CNet News Com, Germany urges strong encryption 
The positions taken by the German government on encryption as described in an article by Alex Lash. Reference is made to the White House e-commerce policy and absence of new encryption developments, stating that "Rexrodt found the weak link in the U.S. e-commerce proposal," said Marc Rotenberg, director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center."

CNet News Com, EU calls for market-driven Internet
In this article by Alex Lash, mentions that the Bonn declarations acknowledge those treaties passed in December 1996 by the World Intellectual Property Organization, a branch of the United Nations, and that it agrees to base future encryption-related policy on the guidelines recently adopted by the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development, on encryption regulation. Quoting Chris Kuner, a Frankfurt-based attorney specializing in technology, who attended the conference as a representative of Netscape Communications, the article states: -"On one hand, U.S. export controls help the European companies compete" , "On the other hand, the controls also keep European software companies from getting the encryption tools they need to build products." This Cnet, article should be read in its entirety.

Hot Wired, Europe's Net Lag.
Transcripts of Interview with Josef Dietl from the W3 consortium on US Internet development and Europe. The interview acknowledge a unified position on taxation but differences concerning encryption, particularly the strong US export controls. This is a wide ranging discussion in which comments on: - the French Minitel market; application of German legislation on illegal materials to the Internet and TV legislation to computers using audio and video; and filtering technologies. A number of barriers to Internet take-up are touched upon including: language, culture, marketplace, legislation, telecommunications costs, and PC penetration

I*M Europe News, The Bonn Declaration - Global Information Networks 
Information carried on the news letter of the I*M Europe server provides summary information on the Bonn MinisterialUser & Industry Declarations.

ODINThe Web service of the Norwegian Government, Felles Ministererklaering om Internett
A press release from the Norwegian Government on the Conference from the perspective of Mr Rugaas, in the Norwegian language.

USA Today: High Tech, Nations agree on Internet guidelines 
An article from Associated Press which quotes Commissioner Martin Bangemann on U.S. laws and Mr Bernard Vergnes, the European chairman of Microsoft on the USA current policy against exporting encryption technology.View this article for quotes from Vergnes.

Wired News, Next on US E-Commerce Agenda: Convince Europe 
An article by Rebecca Vesely reflecting US interests and policies on Electronic Commerce, with references to other articles on US policy on E-Commerce and the White House global framework on e-commerce.

European Directions on Electronic Commerce, Security, & Encryption 
Three documents have been released during 1997 which are particularly relevant.

  1. The Electronic Commerce Initiative, published by the European Commission in April,

  2. The OECD Cryptographic Policy Guidelines document, published in March, which is not an EU document but is agreed by 28 countries including all EU member states, 

  3. The Ministerial Declaration, resulting from the Global Information Networks conference at Bonn, published on July. This is a statement of intent, and addresses, digital signatures and security & confidentiality.

In addition the European Union has in the past published relevant directives:

  • Directive 95/46/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 24 October 1995 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and

  • Directive 96/9/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 March 1996 on the legal protection of databases



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