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Providing a reliable platform for Electronic Commerce
Statements of Dr. Klaus Mangold

Dear Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen,

I really appreciate having the opportunity to outline within the next few minutes some essential statements with regard to the information transfer on the Internet.

The Mission of today’s conference „Global Information Networks" shows the basic trends of Information Technology and Telecommunication and I am very impressed by the speeches that have been held and have focussed on the latest product in that context: „Electronic Commerce".

One very important segment of the discussion about „Electronic Commerce" and the transport of data on the Internet in general is the reliability and security of such transportation concepts.

I would like to present, within the given time frame, a concept to provide a reliable platform for Electronic Commerce.

First of all, a so called concept basically doesn’t need any kind of political and legal restrictions. Such presumptions are only necessary for defining the action frame and setting standards for technical components to enhance the compatibility.

There is for example no need to regulate the procedure for encrypting and decrypting confidential data, because it is up to the customer to choose the option of a data securization, if needed.

This could be the case with very sensitive documents with definite demand on keeping discreteness while being transmitted on a network.

The next important presumption is the acceptance of and confidence on a broad level among the potential users. This will lead to a frequent usage of this business concept and will make it profitable.

Going more into detail, users are generally requiring information techno-logy with a great deal of integrity within the data transfer, autonomy of information and finally, control of abuse.

To meet these requirements the best way is a full-time business concept as a Commerce Provider covering the following principles:

  • Provide save network operations with special attention to avoid hacking and illegal duplication of unique service and communication products.

  • Provide protection against discrimi-nation and the offer of criminal services such as fraud, pornography or racism.

A successful service provider on the Internet will try to meet these principles in a technical and in a conceptional way:

This means, that it has to develop and provide first of all highly qualified software for data securization and encryption. There are quite a few products in the market, but there is still a big demand for covering important segments such as recrypting of datas in an extranet or the full-scale compatibility of securization software on the Internet protocol.

Besides that the most efficient way for a customer is to acquire a business solution covering the technology needs and the relevant „after sales services" such as immediate recovery of malfunction or automatic securization update of billing concepts.

Examples of successful tools of a business solution are:

  • trust center for data transport of encrypted signatures or
  • clearing center for accounting, billing and electronic cash.

Such business solutions will provide integrity and confidence to the commerce provider as the success factors for profitable business in this area.

debis as the service division of the Daimler-Benz Group is offering such a concept on the business side with a transaction platform supported by elaborate data-based marketing on the content provider and on the consumer side.

Technically, all relevant IT-Services are integrated to provide secure transaction services. This includes IT-security services covering certifications of software and tools and trust-center-service for commerce business.

I hope, I could give a little impression of the importance to offer professional reliability in the context of „Electronic Commerce" and I am sure that my statements have enforced your belief in the likeliness of business solutions which guarantee save and discrete Data transport on the Internet or similiar network concepts.

Thank you very much.

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