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At a Conference taking place in Bonn, Ministers of 29 European countries agreed on a number of key principles that will pave the way for a rapid growth in Europe of the use of Global information networks. Representatives of leading European businesses and of European user groups attending the Conference supported in separate statements this drive to stimulate the use of the Information Networks in Europe and beyond. The Ministers undertook to further develop their national strategies and action plans and to strengthen their co-operation at the European and international level.

The objective of this conference was to broaden the common understanding of the use of Global Information Networks, to identify barriers to their use, to discuss possible solutions and to undertake an open dialogue on further possibilities for European and international co-operation. The Conference was attended by Ministers from the Member States of the European Union, Members of European Commission, Ministers of the European Free Trade Association and of countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Guests at ministerial level from the United States of America, Canada, Japan and Russia and representatives from industry, users and European and international organisations also participated.

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