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Advice to parents and teachers

How can you as a parent or teacher avoid exposing children to illegal and harmful contents on the Internet? We have provided links to some web sites which gives you advice on what to do.
  • National Council for Educational Technology - Advice for Parents
    This UK site gives parents information on buying and using computer hardware and software at home. It includes advice on how to deal withcomputer pornography and presentation of the censorship issues.
  • NCH Action for Children: A Parents' Guide to the Internet 
    The guide explains how it is possible for families and children to reap all the benefits of the Internet, and avoid the possible pitfalls, just by being careful.
  • Parents Guide to the Internet
    A comprehensive guide by made by the U.S. Department of Education Office of Educational Research and Improvement Office of Educational Technology.
  • Site Seeing On The Internet
    The US Federal Trade Commission and the state Attorney General offer this guide to assist families and children with safe usage of the Net, including how to avoid fraud and deception.
  • Child Safety Online
    Advice to parents from New Zealand's Department of Internal Affairs.
  • Child Safety on the Information Highway 
    The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in the USA has produced a publication called Child Safety on the Information Highway that provides practical guidelines for parents and children to help identify and reduce the risks associated with online communication.
  • Childnet International 
    Childnet is a non-profit organisation working to enable children to benefit from international communications like the Internet. The organisation will among several things encourage positive communications projects between children.
  • Child Abuse Prevention Network 
    The American network is working in the field of child abuse and neglect. It operates as a collaborative effort among its members and partners. The web site contains useful information and links to other web sites.
  • Families Against Internet Censorship 
    Among its goals are "making families aware of commercial products for filtering objectionable material and to oppose those who would use the power of government to regulate Internet content in the name of "protecting the family".
    Tips, advice and suggestions to make your family's online experience fun and productive!
  • PedoWatch
    Tips for parents and schools, and advice on actions to be taken to inhibit child exploitation on the Internet
  • Cyberangels
    This non-profit organisation find and report illegal material online, educate families about online safety and how to enjoy cyberspace together, work with schools and libraries, and share basic Internet tips and help resources.
  • SafetyEd International
    is a non-profit organization run by volunteers with many years experience in Internet safety education and child advocacy.
  • Web Wise KidsTM 
    is a direct safety education program for pre-teens and younger, and can be utilized by parents and teahers as a way to steer children towards positive experiences online while also giving them tangible ways to stay safe.
  • Software filters 
    There exists software which enables you as a parent or teacher to limit childrens' access to inappropriate material on the Internet.
  • Safe portals 
    Several web services provide safe access to the Internet, most by rating, filtering and blocking content deemed inappropriate for kids and others.

Do you know about web sites and information complementing this page, please tell us.

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