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There are many events taking place around the world concerned with, or having an impact on, the Information Market and/or multimedia technologies. We have indicated below those of which we are aware. Please contact the organisers directly for more information or to register on-line.

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22 - 24 November

The IST 99 conference will cover the themes of the Information Society Technologies Programme, one of the thematic programmes in the Fifth RTD Framework Programme. 
Helsinki, Finland

For more details, please contact:

European Commission 
IST 99 Conference Secretariat 
Fax: + 32 2 296 8388 

22 - 24 November

Emerging food science and technology warrants European event 
The European Federation of Food Science & Technology (EFFoST) is organising the "European Conference on Emerging Food Science and Technologyto share current developments and discuss future prospects on the application of emerging technologies in food processing and preservation. 
Tampere, Finland

For more details, please contact:

Annabelle Le Rohellec 
EFFoST Secretariat 
c/o ATO-DLO 
P.O. Box 17 
NL-6700 AA Wageningen 
The Netherlands 
Tel.: +31 317 477538 
Fax: +31 317 475347 

24 November

French farmers reap the benefits of the Web 
The French Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, and ACTA will present a selection of the most interesting agricultural web services now on offer via AgriMMedia, an Esprit-funded project to promote multimedia tools in agriculture. The main focus of the presentation will be on the French 'green web', which the conference organisers say is slowly but surely catching up with its American and northern European counterparts. Highly regarded French experts will present their services and projects in very different domains, including precision farming, horticulture, cattle breeding and product tracking, for example. The archives of previous AgriMMedia meetings are available on the Web at: 
Paris, France

For further information, please contact:

Mr Guy Waksman 
ACTA Informatique 
49 Rue de Bercy 
F-75595 Paris Cedex 12 
Tel.: +33 1 40045030 
Fax: +33 1 40045011 

24 - 26 November

Berlin hosts online education conference 
Online Educa Berlin 1999, the fifth International Conference on Technology Supported Learning will deal with various themes such as designing content and methodology for online delivery, knowledge management, innovation, telelearning... 
Berlin, Germany

For more information, please contact:

Ms Astrid Jaeger 
ICEF Berlin 
Niebuhrstr. 69a 
D-10629 Berlin Germany 
Tel.: +49 30 3276140 
Fax: +49 30 3249833 

25 November

Patterns 99 
Patterns are vehicles for re-using ideas by identifying commonly recurring themes in building software. The foundation work for creating design patterns was written over 20 years ago by Christopher Alexander who was trying to record the wisdom of great architects to enable them to be used again. Today there are patterns for software design, analysis, requirements, project management, organisation and process, architecture, software migration, data models and frameworks. Patterns 99 will introduce and analyse patterns, turning them inside out and looking at them in software architecture and computer games. Anti-patterns will be identified, as will patterns with use-case analysis and design, connector patterns and component kits and patterns for distributed virtual environments. 
London, UK

For further information please contact: 

Eric Leach Marketing Ltd 
Tel.: +44 20 85702182 
Fax: +44 20 85723163 E-mail: 

25 - 27 November

Sustainability and the small firm 
Organised by the ECO 2000+ project, funded under the EU's Adapt Community Initiative, part of the European Social Fund, the event will look at the environmental challenge for SMEs. Bring together SMEs, their representative bodies and sustainability experts, the conference will address questions such as: How is sustainability marketed to SMEs? What does sustainability mean for SMEs? How do SMEs take on board the principles and delivery of sustainability? The conference will be of interest to all those who see the challenge of sustainability issues, and is expected to attract researchers, providers, intermediary organisations and representatives of government agencies. The partners in ECO 2000+, who are working on developing a distance learning package on the environment for SMEs, will present their work. 
Erfurt, Germany

For further information, please see the conference website, at: 

TIAW e.V. 
Schlösserstrasse 9 
D-99084 Erfurt 
Tel.: +49 361 59633 0 
Fax: +49 361 5621082 


29 November - 1 December

The Forum for International Co-financing of Documentaries 
The Forum Europe's largest gathering of television commissioning editors and independent documentary proceducers is aimed at stimulating co-financing and co-production of new documentaries: producers pitch their projects to a group of commissioning editors and follow up with individual meetings. Information on the Forum is available from Chris Miller. 
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

For further information, please contact:

Chris Miller 
Tel.: +44 870 0100 791 

29 November - 1 December

EU research in reactor safety 
The event will be devoted to the presentation of the final results and main achievements from this programme, obtained from 67 different research projects. These projects are organised in seven clusters, each devoted to one main issue of the work programme. One cluster deals with the ageing problems of irradiated materials, four other clusters focus on the phenomenology of severe accidents, and another is dedicated to the development of appropriate measures for managing accidents. The seventh cluster investigates innovative systems, and concentrates particularly on the removal of heat produced during radioactive decay. 

For further information, please contact:

European Commission 
Mrs L Eisen 
Directorate General IX/BOCC 
Jean Monnet Building (JMO B2/71) 
L-2920 Luxembourg 
Tel.: +352 4301 33164 
Fax: +352 4301 34851 

29 November - 9 December

Japan invites EU industrialists to learn about its business culture 
The programme will consist of seminars and case studies, field trips and visits to manufacturing sites, wholesalers and retailers. The event is aimed at participants who intend to sell consumer goods in Japan. The second event "Meet Asia in Japan and Singapore" will take place in Japan and Singapore from 1999. This programme is intended to provide an opportunity for European companies to gain a better understanding of the characteristics of the Asian business environment. There will be two intensive weeks of lectures, teamwork and visits to Japanese and multinational companies in Japan and Singapore. The programme will also include negotiation exercises for a better understanding of Japanese and other Asian business cultures. These programmes are mainly directed at managers from industrial companies, with a minimum of five to ten years' experience in industry. They must also be nationals of an EU Member State and able to participate in the entire programme, The EU-Japan Cent re for Industrial Cooperation is a joint venture between the European Commission DG III and the Japanese Ministry of International Trade and Industry. The EU-Japan Centre will cover all costs directly related to the programmes (including conference seminars and transportation costs during group field trips). However, applicants must be sponsored by their company, which is expected to cover the participant's travel costs to and from Japan, as well as their living expenses in Japan. 

1 December

Dissemination event for XML/EDI 
Hosted by the European Commission, the background to the event is the question of whether electronic commerce will become the standard means of doing business. If so, the interaction that brings people and markets together electronically would benefit from the use of extensible mark-up language, XML, which is emerging as a major technology for global communications over the Internet. XML enables the exchange of so-called 'smart' data - information that can readily be analysed, sorted, styled and customised. However XML alone is not sufficient. Smart data needs to be structured for exchange and its meaning needs to be shared between processing systems and the electronic data interchange (EDI) may provide the key. XML/EDI builds upon the ground rules of XML and potentially offers a way of incorporating existing EDI applications with the next generation of XML-aware applications. XML/EDI has generated interest from both the XML and EDI communities, and in January 1999 the European Com mission co-financed two complementary projects for the validation and demonstration of XML/EDI under the ISIS programme. The main deliverables of the projects will be input to standardisation committees, including the CEN/ISSS XML/EDI workshop and this dissemination event. Along with the presentation of the draft results of these projects, the event will also discuss the application of XML/EDI in different domains, the need for best practices, standardisation issues and current developments. 
Brussels, Belgium

For further information please contact:

Ms Marie-Sophie Rousseaux 
Rue de Stassartstraat 36 
B-1050 Brussels 
Tel.: +32 2 5500989 
Fax: +32 2 5500966 

2 December

Safer use of the Internet 
The event is aimed in particular at education officers and administrative staff responsible for education policy, and will aim to inform strategic planning relating to Internet access for schools. Following a short introduction to the EU's INFO2000 programme and the activities of the MIDAS-NET nodes, participants will receive pointers to where to find information on safer use of the Internet, and in particular where to find rating and filtering systems. The seminar will also outline developments made following the adoption of the EU's action plan on promoting safer use of the Internet in December 1998. 
Glasgow, United Kingdom

For further information, please contact:

Scottish Enterprise 
Ms Lorna Cullen 
120 Bothwell Street 
Glasgow G2 7JP 
United Kingdom 
Tel.: +44 141 2282423 
Fax: +44 141 2282882 

2 - 3 December

Geo-referenced information exchange 
GEIXS is a pan-European Internet-based system designed to improve the access of decision-makers, planners and researchers to the vast amounts of environmental and natural resource information stored in specialist databases across Europe. Eighteen organisations have collaborated on the project to provide a public-access one-stop shop of interlinked on-line information, catalogues and indexes. A pan-European GIS base and a multilingual keyword index enable searches to be made in any of the eleven official EU languages. GEIXS was recently extended to a number of Central and Eastern European countries and part of Russia. Further extensions are planned. 

For further information, please contact:

EuroGeo Surveys Bureau 
40 rue Breydel 
B-1040 Brussels 
Fax: +32 2 2801979 

For further information, please contact:

The EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation, European Office 
Tel.: +32 2 2820040/2820043 
Fax: +32 2 2820045 

2 - 4 December

Conference of the European Association for International Education 
The theme of this year's conference calls attention to features of regional cooperation across national boundaries in higher education. There will be a number of workshops on various themes including international credential evaluation, interactive learning, cross-cultural communication, databases as tools, and using technology effectively. The EAIE is an independent, non-profitmaking organisation for individual professionals in the field of international higher education.
Maastricht, The Netherlands

For further information please contact:

EAIE Secretariat 
PO Box 11189 
1001 GD Amsterdam 
The Netherlands 
Tel.: +31 20 5254999 
Fax: +31 20 5254998 

7 December

Light quality and energy savings 
The workshop will take place in the Helsinki Contemporary Art Museum, Kiasma, where participants will be able to see at first hand the results of the Liques project, under which this new system has been installed. Participants will be given explanations of the project and individual components such as the control system and the calculation of energy performance. 
Helsinki, Finland

For further information, please contact:

Tauno Nissinen Oy - Consulting Engineers 
Tel.: +358 9 473361 
Fax: +358 9 4543066 

7 - 9 December

Bluetooth Developers Conference 
This conference will introduce technology that potentially replaces multiple cable connections via a single radio link, between mobile PCs, mobile phones and other portable devices. It will also provide in depth technical information that is critical to companies or developers interested in creating Bluetooth products. The Bluetooth Developers Conference provides an educational forum that is unparalleled in scope, depth, and direct application. 
Los Angeles, USA

8 - 10 December

The Marketplace, supported by the MEDIA Programme, is organising a European Umbrella stand at MIPASIA this year. 

For further information, please contact:

Chris Miller 
Tel.: +44 870 0100 791 

9 December

Third International Commerce Exchange (ICX) Winter Conference 
Patricia Hewitt MP, the Minister of State for Small Business and E-commerce at the UK's Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), will announce the results of the UK government's latest consultation process with business which ended on 8 October. ICX understands the final e-communications Bill will be presented to the UK Parliament shortly after the event. Other presentations will be given by ICX chairman Nick Mansfield, conference chairman and director of corporate affairs at ICL, George Hall, Richard Riley and Chris Farrimond of the Organised Crime and International Crime Directorate at the Home Office, Paul Skerman on the ICX privacy code of conduct, Nigel Hickson of the DTI's information security policy group, Caspar Bowden, Director of the Foundation for Information Policy Research, and Peter Dare, chair of the Alliance for Electronic Business Information Security Working Party. 
London, UK

For further information please contact:

ICX Secretariat 
Tel.: +44 1428 722909 
Fax: +44 1428 725499 

10 December

Flexible working in the new millennium 
The conference will focus on challenges to public policies and the prospects for achieving socially acceptable forms of flexible working. The key findings of the FLEXCOT project will be presented, along with contributions from guest speakers. Presentations will cover a range of issues arising with new forms of employment and work flexibility, particularly those associated with the introduction of communications technologies. Contributions will cover flexibility in the following areas: external and internal labour markets, working time and new production rhythms, skills and competencies, employment status, and industrial relations. The conference is intended for researchers, workers and employers organisations, policy makers and training agencies. The FLEXCOT project was funded under the Targeted Socio-economic Research (TSER) programme of the European Union's Fourth RTD Framework Programme. 
Brussels, Belgium

For further information, please contact:

Fondation Travail-Université 
Rue de l'Arsenal 5 
B-5000 Namur 
Tel.: +32 81 725124 
Fax: +32 81 725128 

10 December

Fishnetwork partnering event 
Suppliers, manufacturers and end-users in the industry are expected to attend, as well as engineering consultancies and research staff. SMEs participating in such partnership projects may apply for a 'CRAFT' subsidy for which 1.5 billion euro has been earmarked for the years of the Fifth Framework Programme. The cooperative research measures subsidise the cost of research and development work under FP5 on condition that the partnership includes at least three SMEs from at least two different countries as well as one research institute. Details of subsidy possibilities can be provided by EG-Liaison. 
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

For further information please contact:

Robert Dijkstra 
Tel.: +31 70 3610250

10 - 11 December

Organisers of transition trajectories event call for papers 
Furthermore, special attention should be paid to the interpretation of results, because they reveal the weakness of mainstream economic theory in conceiving the influence of society on economic structures and patterns of behaviour. This problem can be found in both development and transition models. The event will discuss these problems and the organisers are calling for papers in the following five areas: Transition typologies and policies; History, culture and patterns of economic behaviour; Diffusion of innovation in norms of behaviour; Irreversibilities, thresholds and pawl effects; Strategies of firms and differentiation in transition. 
Grenoble, France

For further information, please contact:

Groupe Transistion Développement 
Espace Europe 
Université Pierre Mendès France Grenoble II 
BP 47 
F-38040 Grenoble Cedex 09 
Fax: +33 4 74825946 

14 - 17 December

Winterisation and Winter Testing 99 
The seminar is aimed at professionals from the car and tyre industry, research organisations, academic institutions and military industry. It will offer an opportunity to experience and learn about new methods and technologies for transportation and traffic in harsh winter conditions. Due to its ice, darkness, snow, cold and slippery roads, the winter-testing of cars and tyres is a rapidly developing business in Lapland. This is the second seminar of this kind, which will offer participants a 'very concrete touch of the extreme northern dimension' say the conference organisers. The seminar will emphasise the presentation and exhibition of cross-country truck, tracked truck, cross country vehicle, snowmobiles, tyres and lubricants. Several experts on transportation technology, including former world champion rally driver, and now MEP, Ari Vatanen, will give presentations at the event. In addition there will be off-road mobility demonstrations and traditional Lapland leisure time activities will be offered. 
Rovaniemi in Finnish Lapland

For further information, please contact:

Mr Kimmo Herranen 
Project Manager 
Rovaniemi Polytechnic 
Jokiväylä 11 
FIN-96300 Rovaniemi 
Tel.: +358 16 3313347 
Fax: +358 16 3313325 

31 December

How to write a competitive FP5 proposa 
The European Association for Research Managers and Administrators (EARMA) is currently presenting a course on "How to Write a Proposal for the Fifth Framework Programme". Dr. Sean McCarthy of Hyperion is presenting the course. 

For more details, please contact:

Dr. Sean McCarthy 
Hyperion Ltd. 
Main St. 
Tel.: +353 21 889461 
Fax: +353 21 889 465 

Winter 1999-2000

Growth programme launches Key Action 1 awareness campaign 
A series of events is planned for winter 1999-2000 across the EU and in the states associated with FP5. The first call for proposals under the Growth programme in the areas of Key Action 1 and MAT has attracted considerable interest throughout the European Union. Between the run-up to the launch of the call for proposals, including the pre-proposal check exercise, and the end of the evaluation procedure, numerous questions were put forward by prospective proposers. These enquiries have given evidence of the need to clarify the call research priorities and relevant issues relating to the preparation of project proposals. Therefore, the Commission is launching an 'Awareness Campaign' in various Member and Associated States, focusing on Key Action 1 and on Generic Activities in Materials in view of the next call for proposals which will be published on 15 December 1999. This campaign is being organised in close collaboration with the Growth National Contact Points (Growth NCPs). The updated calendar of these events as well as further information and promotional material will be available on CORDIS, at:

The following events are scheduled to take place as part of the campaign:

Linz: 15 November 1999 
contact: Mrs Brigitte Tiefenthaler 
Tel. +43-1-5811616130 

Copenhagen: 20 January 2000 
contact: Mr Poul Petersen 
Tel. +45-33327278 

Helsinki: 5 November 1999 
contact: Mrs Liisa Åström 
Tel. +358-10-5215911 

Paris: 19 November 1999 
Lyon: 22 November 1999 
Toulouse: 9 December 1999 
contact: Mr Alain Quevreux 
Tel. +33-1-53701070 

(transnational events in close cooperation with NCPS from ten neighbouring countries) 
Duisburg: 30 November 1999 
Berlin: 1 December 1999 
Stuttgart: 9 December 1999 
contact: Mr H. Rempp 
Tel. +49-7247-824575 

Dublin: 13 December 1999 
contact: Mr Donal Carroll 
Tel. +353-1-8082302 

Milan: 30 November 1999 
Rome: 1 December 1999 
contact: Mrs Paola Romano 
Tel +39-06-5911817 

The Netherlands 
Eindhoven: 19 November 1999 
Mr M. Soede 
Tel. +31-70-3610250 

Porto: 29 November 1999 
Lisbon: 6 December 1999 
contact: Mrs Beatriz Ribeiro 
Tel. +351-2-6197230 

Barcelona or Valencia: 3 November 1999 
Madrid: 23 November 1999 
San Sebastian: 2 December 1999 
contact: Mr F. Mendez Martin 

Stockholm: 2 December 1999 
contact: Mr Jan Forsberg 
Tel. +46-8-4546444 

United Kingdom 
London: 15 November 1999 
Birmingham: 16 November 1999 
contact: Mr John Sillwood 
Tel. +44-20-89436660 

Tel Aviv: 17 November 1999 
contact: Mrs Neomy Soffer 

Czech Republic 
Prague: 23 November 1999 
contact: Mrs Jitka Kubatova 
Tel. +420-2-20390204 

Warsaw: 7 December 1999 
contact: Mr Zbigniew Turek 
Tel. +48-22-8261281 

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